Pokemon - Raikou
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I would be known as Ein and that will be all you shall know of my name. However you should know myself as one of the four original admins from Cipher. Along with that you should at least be entitled to acknowledge that I'm the mastermind behind the creation of Shadow Pokemon. My Shadow pokemon are, but one step towards my dream of creating the world's strongest pokemon.

((Independent RP Blog of Ein from Pokemon Colosseum
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Pokemon - Raikou

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You don’t have to rp canon characters to be quality roleplayer. Spread love for OCs!



I should do drafts.
I whisper as I keep scrolling through the dash. (via piercedpurity)

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Shadow Rapidash:remake by *RenePolumorfous

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so i’ve got one of these


if we’re mutually following each other, you can ask for it

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» “Nope. Ain’t gonn’ deal with ya, Ein. Fuck off.” «

"Your not even worth my own time either you unsophisticated thief"

"Though I would say I do hold some unfinished business with you from your previous actions against my creations." 

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rivandmoro sent:

Rivos: Ein, Sir! It's quite nice to see you again! I hope I am not intruding, sir, but I thought I'd stop stop by and greet you.

The event that others would easily and seemingly with little effort could not just enter Ein Laboratory, but could do so without any sort of warning till it would already be to late for any sort of preemptive action from himself.

Ein stared at the other debating even to spend the energy to respond to the other’s existence.


After another look there was some sense of familiarity or at least that Ein had known the other, but from where was escaping him at the moment.

"I would assume that I have meet one such as yourself previously?" Ein still had yet to recognize this Ex-Cipher Peon before him.